A Little About Me

 I have a passion for seeing new places, experiencing new things and meeting new people.  This passion as lead to my love of travel.  I have explored places in the US and the world… but not near as many as I would like. I have fallen in love with cultures, food and people from all over and can’t wait to fall in love with more.  

Traveling has taught me to be humble, gracious, to be happy with the simple things in life.  I have learned not to take myself too seriously and if you have a smile on your face and a kind word you can almost always count on people to be willing to help you out. 

From getting lost in Italy, being swept up in a political riot (also Italy), navigating the subways in Paris and the crazy front door lock on a bed and breakfast in Burgess Belgium; in each of the instances local people helped me out and showed me kindness.  Being able to laugh at myself and greet each challenge with a smile has provided some of the best memories of my life. 

Tips for having great experience while traveling:

  • Be Kind
  • Be gracious
  • Say please
  • Say thank you
  • Learn a few words in the country’s language
  • Talk with locals
  • DO NOT EAT AT MCDONALDS- Ask the shopkeeper where he would have dinner, ask the housekeeper her favorite breakfast place
  • Do not rush
  • Laugh at your self